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Ultimate Guitar Teacher


Are you interested in sharing your guitar skills with others? The "Ultimate Guitar Teacher" course is designed to help you become an effective guitar instructor.


Whether you're looking to teach for profit or home schooling, this course provides you with the essential the skills, confidence, and resources needed to teach beginner guitar lessons effectively and build a thriving guitar teaching business. 

Experienced Player Special

If you are an experienced player that only need the course to start teaching, then you can get $600 dollars off with other discounts that are also offered! 


The "Ultimate Guitar Teacher" course is currently offered at $100.00 as a stand alone course

What's Included in the Ultimate Guitar Teacher in 10 days course?

Learn To Teach To Build Connections

  • Importance of showing personality through a sales perspective while teaching.

  • Techniques to get students to open up and talk more. 

  • Strategies to feel comfortable similar to sales situations by making personal connections for repeat business and so teaching becomes easier each lesson. 

  • Methods to connect with students and get them talking, including using light humor.

Learn To Keep The Focus On Progress

  • Emphasis on the importance of follow up on past guitar lessons and gaining feedback.

  • Advice to refocus teacher/student messages that are less relevant to guitar lessons.

  • Dealing with multiple parents and settings while teaching a student.

Learn To Teach Music Using A Proven In-person Method

  • Start teaching scales by focusing on just the notes and context rather than jumping into the full technique.

  • Have the student repeat and explain concepts back to check understanding rather than just talking at them.

  • Explain the purpose and perspective when teaching concepts differently than a student's previous teacher.

Resources Included: 

  • Detailed lesson plans.

  • Three easy songs to teach as well as a break down on how to teach easy versions of songs so you can teach almost any song to new students

  • Basics of a guitar teaching business to invoices, scheduling and following up. 

Who This Course Is For:

  • Aspiring guitar teachers who want to start their teaching journey.

  • Intermediate to advanced guitar players ready to transition into teaching.

  • Music enthusiasts looking to share their passion for guitar through home schooling.

Why Course 10 Day Ultimate Guitar Teacher?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From lesson plans to business tips, get everything you need to succeed as a guitar teacher.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced guitar instructors inputs and a method that has been replicated to students who expressed interest in teaching as well. 

  • Affordable Investment: At just $97, this course offers valuable skills and resources to help you pay back the course quickly.

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