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Unlocked Summit
Production Services

Tired of that "at home demo" sound? Want your mix to sound like our mix? Send us your stems in .wav format and we'll do our best to get your music sounding professional. Simon Ficken, our sound engineer will get you to the next level!

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Story and Services Offered

Simon is a talented drummer and audio engineer from Warren County, NJ. Coming from a musical family, he started exploring music at a very young age. 


Simon grew up performing in rock bands while experimenting with recording and production at home. Today he works with bands regularly, both live and in the studio.


Simon enjoys working on virtually any style of music. His favorite artists include bands like Tool, Radiohead, Boards of Canada, and Tame Impala. Simon's primary goal as an engineer is to make your sonic vision a reality. 

What should you know before sending in a project?

Up to 50 wav files per submission. 10 minute song max length unless emailed ahead of time. 

Two total revisions of the mix and two revisions of the master are included. 

Turn around will be 2 weeks unless said otherwise.

Need some Drum sounds?


The drums featured on the Unlocked Summit youtube channel are played by Simon and can jump start your rock songs production and creativity. 

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