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Class Details:

Course Name: Unlocked Music course 

In Person Price: 150 Per Hour

Virtual Price: 60 Per Hour

(note: If you would like to ask individual lesson questions please look me up on the minnect app. as "guitarwithjames")

Course Description: You will learn guitar and singing techniques. You will also learn how to practice and improve on your own as you learn. My students play with confidence and are able to see life from a new perspective after 6-18 months of practice. I have also had lessons from Ken Tamplin, Brett manning, and Iuri Sanson. I will bring these influences to the table to help with singing in the course. If you are more focused on guitar then we will do an 90 percent guitar and 10 percent singing approach. For singing 10 percent guitar piano or virtual instrument and 90 percent singing.   

Schedule of classes: Starting After 6pm every weekday and after noon on weekends.  Each class will be 30 minutes long.  Please check the schedule button bellow. Classes are taught every month of the year. 

Your Teacher and Location: James Reddig will personally be teaching each lesson Virtually or at smash studios in NYC or at the client's preferred location depending on travel costs.  

The computer requirements for virtual lessons: Skype for computers, whatsapp for android users and facetime for iphone users. Please have headphones and a microphone as well as an audio interface for clean audio. If using a phone only please be in a quite place for the lessons.  

Class Delivery: Each class I will review last class's requirements, teach and adjust the understanding of a musical knowledge, ability and human connection and finally I will issue homework for each lesson.   


From small town Ephrata Pennsylvania, James started playing music in high school with private classical viola lessons with the support of his grandparents. From a win for performance in high school, to a guitar competition that would lead to playing in bands for Ivory productions and recording songs with The Sunset Villains, James found inspiration in teaching others how to quickly improve their guitar technique. From teaching in person on the weekends to working for Guitar Center then Sam Ash James has moved his teaching skills online. As a beginner, my improvement was based on balancing self taught lessons and youtube clips early on. With hard work and focus, I have continued to improve and master guitar. Starting by winning my high school talent show and placing top 3 in many live guitar competitions, my growth continued through bands and live shows. After playing in bands such as Metropolis America and The Sunset Villians under Ivory Productions, I learned what professionals are looking for in the studio, as a writer and a performer. Bringing out personality within each student early on and attaching it to their progress unlocks long term motivation and growth. I started to find my talents in sales training post college and connected it with music.


Karen Guzman - Brooklyn

Absolutely fantastic beginner guitar lesson! James was patient, encouraging, and tailored the lesson to my level. I learned how to develop good sense of rhythm and timing.
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